May 26, 2021

BEworks Strengthens Its Presence in Latin America with New Operations in Mexico

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Another step towards its global expansion strategy  


BEworks, the world’s first and foremost consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges, announced the launch of its highly anticipated opening in Mexico – further expanding its reach across Latin America.

This expansion stems from the increased demand for behavioral economic services in the region.  BEworks has had a presence in Colombia, Bogota since 2018, led by Juan Camilo Salcedo, Ph.D.. With a mission to transform society and the economy through scientific thinking, BEworks has helped organisations (both governmental and commercial) across Latin America, namely Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru to tackle challenges using Behavioral Economics.

“BE is used by organizations around the globe to improve innovation, increase stakeholder value, and provide evidence for delivering on customer value. We have many opportunities in Latin America and we aim to employ the BEworks Method to address those challenges. That includes our research work on biases, our strategy work on creating behaviour change initiatives, and our rigorous empirical work designing and implementing large scale field experiments. Our team in Bogota and Mexico will enable us to create a cohesive network and further strengthen our service capabilities in this region.” said Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-founder, BEworks.


About the Mexico Team

BEworks has named Adalberto Palma Gómez as Director, Business Development. Prior to joining BEworks, Adalberto participated as External Advisor to the Chief of the Office of the Presidency. He also served as Chairman of the National Banking and Securities Commission. He brings to the table over 25 years of diverse business experience in finance, corporate governance and think tank engagement, amongst others. 

Adalberto will work to raise the business and brand profile of BEworks in the country and surrounding areas and will be responsible for business strategy and on-the-ground client relationship management. On his new role Adalberto says I am looking forward to contributing to the development and local awareness of BE. It is so important for the continued growth and business innovation in my country." 

Aldo Martinez has been brought on as Business Analyst. Aldo is a graduate of the BA in Economics and Finance at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico City, with a special focus on behavioral sciences. As a student ambassador of the School of Government and Social Sciences at TEC, he has had the privilege to represent the school at different forums and has had the opportunity to attend leadership programs at Harvard, MIT, and Yale.    

Juan Salcedo, PhD. and Olga Rodríguez-Sierra, PhD. have already been serving the region working directly with the leadership and practice teams at the Toronto head-office to apply BE to public policy, transportation, CPG, and financial services challenges. 

The Colombian and Mexican offices will continue to be supported by the full leadership and practice team headquartered in Toronto. 

BEworks has an extensive portfolio in the healthcare, sustainability, education, energy, government, CPG, transportation and the financial services industries. The team is energized by the opportunity to expand our impact at a global scale 

About BEworks

BEworks is the world’s first management consulting firm dedicated to solving business and policy challenges using Behavioural Economics (BE). BE is the science of understanding how people make decisions and act on them. We provide scientific research, evidence-based strategies, and fully implemented solutions to our clients which include Fortune 500 companies and governments around  the world.


BE works was co-founded by CEO and applied behavioural science pioneer Kelly Peters, top marketing scholar Nina Mažar, and world-leading behavioural scientist and New York Times Bestselling author Dan Ariely. We are one of the world’s top industry employers of PhDs, and committed to bringing true scientific thinking to any problem we face.